Why does West Rock use a Cost Plus model?

With fixed pricing in our experience a project can get berried in change orders which creates all kinds of unnecessary paper work and renegotiations.

With our cost plus model if a client wants changes they know exactly what the change will cost so their change decisions don’t get bogged down with the home builder trying to maintain their profit margins.

It’s also way better for the client cost wise as the client will only pay for the cost of the additional product. There’s extra charge for changes where most home builders make a ton of money of extra fees and markups for change orders.

Our clients get more value for their money and don’t have to sacrifice what they want because the change will be too costly. Our clients experience more freedom with our costing model.

What about transparency?

We have a cloud based system where we show every invoice and piece of paperwork associated with the project in realtime so the client never has to guess where their money is at.

A lot of companies talk about transparency but true costs are hidden in the contracts and the client never really know what was paid for what when.

Next thing they know there are liens on the house because a contractor or vendor hasn’t been paid.

Our model is very different and it’s something we developed so our clients know everything we do.

Every vendor, contractor, receipt and invoice is available to them to review in realtime through out the project.

We even go so far as to have the original drawings, plans, photos of selections etc. in our cloud transparency system.

So when it comes to the original vision and sections it’s all there. You don’t have to try and remember what you decided 3 months ago , it’s all recorded for you in a very convenient way.