What makes West Rocks Process better?

No one else does what we do.
Most home builders will generally quote on rough square footage pricing model basis and make adjustments and upgrades as the process moves along. This heavily favoured in the builders advantage in terms of cost/profit.

Where as we meet with client at the design phase and discuss there selections and plans and completely quote out the entire project 100% so the client gets as close to their actual budget at the end of the project as possible.

It’s a very rare practice but very accurate and our clients rarely if ever experience surprises that are common with other home builders.

We do this at no cost to our client before we even start so it’s really an above and beyond home building experience and the client gets to preview what A truly personalized home building experience before they commit to anything.

What happens when an agreement is signed?

So we meet tighten up and review there selections and revisit everything, make any changes and help the client refine there initial ideas. Once the client signs off and they are happy then we set a timeline and start construction.

How long does an average project to complete?

From start to finish a new build takes about a year, depending on the size. it’s typical about 3 – 4 months of getting all the correct permits and then 7 months of construction.

What happens when the project is completed?

We do a complete and detailed walk through and today’s home are generally smart homes so there is an educational process involved and we make sure the client knows how to use everything and and we go over everything.

It’s not like we just hand you the keys , do the traditional 2 hour walk through and say thanks have fun heres book to figure things out. We really ensure our clients are fully taken care all the way through.