What’s different about West Rock?

With other companies a client will often get passed down from the owner to project manager then on to the site super which ultimately can make things a lot more complicated for the client to achieve their originals goals and vision.

We personally manage all our clients from start to finish ourselves and we only take on as many projects as we can handle so our clients don’t get lost in the shuffle of layers of management.

This approach also allows us to to get a better sense of what our clients wants and needs are and because there is no passing the buck we maintain integrity of the project throughout.

The end result is a stunningly accurate delivery of exactly what was envisioned, discussed and negotiated when the project started.

In essence what makes us different is we truly take care of our clients at every level of a life changing event.

How does West Rock do this?

We give a very personalized service.

We manage everything for the client whereas a typical home builder will recommend you to a supplier or contractor for this piece or that piece and it’s up to you to manage those relationships and negotiate with them.

A typical experience is a client will meet will a salesperson or owner until the agreement is drafted and typically once you passed on the next guy in the process you’ll never see those people again so things tend to get lost in translation.

With us as the owners we speak to our clients throughout process as little or as much as they need. Some clients we speak with everyday. That is rare in the industry and Calgary market.

We are able to do this because we aren’t a volume home builder. We take on only the amount of projects we can handle ourselves because we aren’t willing to sacrifice our ability to give our customer the most amazing home building experience available.